Lloma Mackenzie Printmaker

About the Artist

Limited edition handmade prints for sale.

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Lloma was born in Whangarei, New Zealand and grew up on a dairy farm in Northland in her early years. The patterns of rural farming, hilly terrains and native vegetation have a strong place in her memoir.

Lloma attended Teachers College and majored in Art.

She taught for two years in Primary Schools, then undertook further training as a Teacher of the Deaf. She taught in Auckland for three years before moving to Australia, where she taught for many years. She now lives in the Adelaide Hills.

During teaching breaks, Lloma enjoyed travelling interstate and overseas.

Whilst teaching, Lloma undertook many art courses to satisfy her interest in making art. In printmaking she learned both intaglio and relief printing but relief printing was her first love. She began exhibiting her work in both group and solo shows.

Lloma wanted to greatly expand her knowledge of printmaking, so in 2011, she retired from teaching and enrolled at the Adelaide College of the Arts to do the three-year Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design. She majored in printmaking and graduated in 2014.

From living in New Zealand, travelling to other places (especially France) and living in the Adelaide Hills for many years, the various landscapes, vegetation, crop patterns, mountains, sea and sky have all left important imprints on her, which influence her style of printmaking.

Artists who have been influential on her recent printmaking have been: Heather Shimmens (Victoria), Deborah Klein (Victoria), Marion Manifold (Victoria), Jenny Kitchener (NSW), Paul Coldwell (UK), Angela Cavaleri (Victoria), Milan Milojevic (Tasmania), Rew Hanks (NSW) and Janet Parker-Smith (NSW).

Lloma is currently exploring layered prints including organza, muslin and mixed media. She is exploring migration issues through research into her grandparents who migrated from Scotland to NZ in 1928.

Lloma is currently undertaking her Honours Year at Flinders University and Adelaide College of the Arts (2017).